Two sisters set for Grand Event

By hampshirehouse May 5, 2015 blog

nottingham postBy Rebecca Smith-Dawkins, Nottingham Post

TWO sisters will be showcasing their collection of hand-decorative accessories at the upcoming Grand Designs Live show in London.

The products, designed by Emily Readett-Bayley and Lucy Suleiman, have been made by the same village rice farming community in Ball for 15 years. The £4 million worth of wooden letters they have sold so far help the farmers to sustain their agriculture

They also sell rattan wicket baskets, made in Borneo, Indonesia, after Emily was invited to become a partner of The Katingan Protect, which aims to reduce tropical trees degradation in the area.

Speaking of taking part in the Grand Designs show Emily said “I like the programme, I thought it would be rather nice to do a wall with our letters and to showcase our rattan baskets which are a part of a really important reforestation project in Borneo.

“I hope people appreciate the hand-carved nature of the letters. They are made from albizia wood, which is grown around the rice fields.”

Emily set up her self-named company in 1990 after being “inspired by the skills and crafts” in Bali. Her sister Lucy joined the business nine years later.

Lucy of Long Bennington near Newark. said “We have never done Grand Designs before but thought it would be a good one to do. 1 am very excited”.

The sisters sell the majority of their wooden letters and decorations through their website POSH Graffiti’, and at their hut at Langar Hall. The rattan baskets are sold under the POSH Salvage brand.

Emily, who divides her time between Scarrington. where the company is based, and Bali, where her husband is from, said she has big plans for the company.

She said “We are hoping to get a few more licences in the near future. It would be fabulous on luggage, to have a suitcase with your initials on.

“We want to do more things with the rattan. Hopefully we will be doing some furniture. I have another idea too. which is top secret for now,

“We are also having some more lettering coming in over the summer, onelot made out of mosaic glass and one out of reclaimed timber.”

Imogen Sturving, owner of Langar Hall. said “The products are of beautiful quality. They are very popular with the customers”

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