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Beware of Dengue Fever and Typhoid which often occur together

By hampshirehouse March 14, 2019 blog

Emily would like to warn all visitors to SE Asia in the wet season of the very real threat of being bitten by an Aedes Aegypti mosquito carrying the Dengue Fever virus. This mosquito bites during daylight hours and lives in many densely populated areas of SE Asia. Unfortunately the body’s ability to fight the virus decreases each time it is infected and Emily can vouch for the fact that this, her second bout of Dengue Fever, gave her and excruciating headache and extremely high temperature which caused her heart rate to drop and left her hospitalised for 5 days on a re-hydration and paracetamol drip. Several members of her extended Balinese family also contracted the Dengue Fever virus around this time. Luckily doctors in countries where both conditions are common know exactly what to do but the risk is that the Dengue Fever can go undetected which is quite likely if you travel back to a country with cooler climes. For a reason that is yet to be explained the blood tests which have to be taken as soon as Dengue Fever is suspected also picked up a Typhoid infection. This may have been just an unlucky coincidence but after asking around locally, Emily discovered that these often occur simultaneously. Immunity to typhoid develops after exposure or vaccination although there are apparently several different strains but there is nothing you can do to protect yourself from Dengue Fever except avoid being bitten. 


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