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Pick up some vintage Emily Readett-Bayley interior decoration at Lassco Ropewalk, London SE1

By hampshirehouse November 10, 2019 blog

Emily Readett Bayley has opened a new retail concession at Lassco Ropewalk. This is the Bermondsey site of the famous architectural salvage experts situated in the historic London railway arches just south of Tower Bridge.

The is a huge collection of salvaged light fittings, furniture and baskets plus beautiful house plants from Forest London and you can bring the natural world into your interior decoration with some vintage Emily Readett-Bayley including driftwood frames, bamboo lampshades, gilded cocoa pods, reclaimed teak chopping boards and mother of pearl spoons .

There is also a tree decorated with Emily’s ethically sourced, handmade Christmas decorations carved from sustainable albizia wood by a Balinese woodcarving co-operative.

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Let’s Talk feature, December 2017

By hampshirehouse December 5, 2017 blog

weaving together past and future in a basket

Emily Readett-Bayley who lives in Norfolk when she is not in Indonesia set up “Operation Planet Basket “ in 2012 and this is a nice feature about the project in the local Let’s Talk magazine.

*Please note that the Katingan Project rain forest concession is 350, 000 acres not hectares


Let’s Talk writer Charlotte Philcox discusses the long tradition of basketry in Norfolk and around the globe.

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Greenbuild 2017

By hampshirehouse September 12, 2017 blog

Log baskets from Operation PLANET BASKET were a great success at Greenbuild 2017. Emily sold out of small baskets and plenty of Norfolk woodburner owners bought the giant baskets for bulk log storage. They also attracted the attention of buyers and gardeners from The Kelling Estate and Felbrigg Hall . Everyone noted the quality and strength of these extra strong Log baskets and their green credentials and contribution to rainforest regeneration in Borneo

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Aylsham Show 2017

By hampshirehouse August 30, 2017 blog

 Aylsham ShowEmily Readett-Bayley’s Log baskets from operation PLANET BASKET sold well at the Aylsham Show inspite the sweltering summer heat distracting the Norfolk farmers from their Autumn preparations !

Everyone noted how strong and well made the Rattan baskets were and their eco friendly credentials and positive contribution to reforestation in the lowland peat rainforests in Indonesia .

#Argo forestry#Green baskets#Log Baskets#planet basket#Rainforests. Strong baskets#rattan baskets#Reforestation#Sustainable agriculture#Wicker log baskets

Wilderness Festival 3-6 August 2017

By hampshirehouse June 15, 2017 exhibitions

Wildash LondonBelieve it or not people start thinking about the Autumn in August so Wildash London have kindly offered to support “operation PLANET BASKET” and sell our beautiful and very strong, rattan log baskets at this year’s Wilderness Festival 3-6 August  2017.

The Wilderness Festival is located on the Cornbury park, Oxfordshire.

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