Medium Rattan Wicker Basket

medium wicker basketMedium Wicker Basket 50 x 35cm: £32

This is and extremely strong and durable basket made from natural, unbleached, waste rattan. The darker rattan cannot be sold to rattan factories in Java and China as it has natural variations so it is used traditionally by the local Dayak people for their working baskets.

The rattan is cultivated and gathered from the rain forest without causing damage to the forest and Emily has set up her “Earth’s Baskets” workshops in the local Dayak community. She is working in partnership with the Katingan Project, an ERC which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within an 200,000 hectare Ecosystem Restoration Concession by avoiding previously planned deforestation from land conversion and restoring and conserving peat swamp forests, whilst safeguarding community and biodiversity benefits.


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