Reclaimed Teak Tables

These are the last of our beautiful and rare reclaimed teak tables made from thick planks of ancient teak salvaged from bridges and buildings constructed during the Colonial era in Java. It is known as deconstruction teak.

We do not finish the teak because the wood is so beautiful in its natural state and sometimes we deliberately leave holes.  If you wish to seal a piece for interior use we recommend OSMO wax and garden furniture can be oiled with teak oil but it will change the colour of the old teak which fades to a silver grey if left to weather naturally.

Price depends on the weight, thickness and quality of the wood used. Old teak is sold by the cubic meter and the price is going up all the time. Once it is gone it is gone. Teak of this quality is not grown anymore.

SPECIAL OFFER: 30% off the very last of our rare, Chelsea standard, antique teak tables

Teak Outdoor Furniture.

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