Now working safely back at home

By hampshirehouse April 1, 2020 blog

Emily Readett-Bayley re-launches her POSH Graffiti e-commerce business.

After a few weeks moving stock closer to her family home and upgrading the tech, all under the difficult lock down restrictions, Emily Readett-Bayley is happy to announce that she has re-launched and is again selling her original hand-carved and gilded wooden letters and decorations online. Orders are now being sent out by Royal Mail on a daily basis by a team of young family members who find themselves unexpected back in the UK ( Some from as far away as Australia! )

This is mirrored by the woodcarvers co-operative in Bali who carve our letters. Here the farmers have moved their craft workshops into their family compounds and many people have moved back home to their villages as the tourism industry, which employed close to 70% of the island’s population, has suffered catastrophic collapse. They are all very happy to have POSH Graffiti orders and have re started work on the orders we placed in March. 

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