RSPB Hutan Harapan Project

Emily is working with the indigenous Batin Sembilan people in the RSPB Forest of Hope in Sumatra where they are fighting for survival alongside the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger and many rare birds.  This video was recorded on her first visit to the forest in January 2018.  The aim of her visit was to establish what skills and materials  were traditionally used in their daily life.

A film about 25 years of creating POSH Graffiti in Bali.

Filmed in February 2015 this short film shows Emily and the rice farming community with whom she works at home in their workshops.

Katingan Project

The Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project, a 200 000 hectare rainforest ERC, is based on the premise that we can still save large areas of peat swamp forest in Indonesian Borneo, offer local people sustainable sources of income, tackle global climate change and base this on a solid business model. What defines us is a no-nonsense, transparent and result-oriented approach to land-use and conservation in a part of the world where this is needed most.

Toxic forest fires choke parts of Southeast Asia – October 2015

Katingan Project COO talks to Aljezeera journalist about the causes and damage caused by the forest fires that spread into the project area, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

World Economic Forum, Davos Feb 2017 “Food Crisis: The Big Picture”

3 minutes in Frances Seymour a leading tropical forest and climate expert and senior fellow at The Centre for Global Development explains the role of deforestation in climate change. 7 minutes in she refers to the Katingan Ecosystem Restoration Project as a “Good News Story” and a positive forest protection model .

Years of Living Dangerously – episode one

Harrison Ford visits The Katingan Project  10 minutes into this Premier Episode of EMMY award winning documentary The Years of Living Dangerously

Harrison Ford talks about his personal commitment to protecting the rainforest

Dharsono Hartono explains the complex process of awarding forest concessions in Indonesia

The World Sustainable Development Forum, Feb 2014

Stephen Rumsey is Founder & Chairman of Permian Global – principal Katingan Project investors. Here he is talking about the development of the carbon credit market.