Earth’s Baskets | strong wicker baskets

Strong wicker baskets can be used as log baskets, apple baskets, laundry baskets, recycling baskets and planters

These are probably the strongest and definitely the greenest wicker baskets in the world !

Rattan Wicker Baskets

For centuries the Dayaks of Borneo have used the strength of rattan to fashion working wicker baskets made to last in an extreme environment. As part of the the Katingan Project we’ve set up workshops with the Dayaks, making really tough baskets, and making them a real living. Earth’s Baskets don’t cost the earth.


strong wicker baskets for sale

We have teamed up with Wildash London  so you can buy Earth’s Baskets online, some of the strongest and most earth friendly baskets on the market.

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The Earth’s Baskets Project is a small but critical part of the larger Katingan Project, an important rainforest ERC (Eco System Restoration Concession) and aims to create vital revenue for people who would otherwise have little or no alternative to illegal logging, clearing forest with fires for palm oil cultivation or poaching endangered species including orangutan, pangolin, cloud leopards and orchids.

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The Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project (the Katingan Project) is based on the premise that we can still save large areas of peat swamp forest in Indonesian Borneo, offer local people sustainable sources of income, tackle global climate change—and base this on a solid business model. This is a no-nonsense, transparent and result-oriented approach to land-use and conservation in a part of the world where this is needed most.

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