Discount on teak garden tables

By hampshirehouse April 11, 2018 blog

Each of these reclaimed teak tables have a unique sculptural quality as the antique timber used varies from table to table and some are more like wooden sculptures than wooden tables. They are handmade from thick pieces of rare antique teak salvaged from Colonial Javanese bridges and buildings and carefully put together by highly skilled Javanese craftsmen who work with Emily Readett-Bayley on the Indonesian island of Bali. Antique teak is extremely durable and the wood is resistant to salt so it is ideal as a beach table or on a seaside terrace. Antique teak fades to a distinctive silver grey when used as garden furniture so has the added advantage that there is no need to oil it, it has a beautiful natural patina.

We have a limited amount of stock teak tables on offer and Emily can also make teak garden tables to order but be aware that this top quality salvaged teak is becoming increasingly rare and expensive as the new teak grown is not as strong as it grows much faster.

Snap up a bargain, they are the antiques of the future !

See all the tables:

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