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Countdown To Christmas

By hampshirehouse December 17, 2021 blog


from Emily and team and all the craftspeople in Bali, Borneo & Sumatra with whom we collaborate.

We really appreciate your custom and there is still time to order on our new website for a domestic Christmas delivery.

We have a good stock of POSH Graffiti and a few decorations and baskets left too.


Future of Chocolate talk for the Academy of Chocolate in London

By hampshirehouse November 6, 2018 blog

Emily was honoured to be invited by the Academy of Chocolate to talk about her new initiative Chocolate Futures at L’Escargot in Soho, London.

The audience was made up of a small but knowledgeable group of Craft Chocolate and Bean to Bar practitioners and enthusiasts including her long time friend and chocolate mentor Coady Chantal Founder of Roccoco Chocolates who has been instrumental in the start-up.

The idea is to improve the quality of cocoa beans produced by small farmers in Indonesia before they give up growing it altogether. Many farmers live too far away from a bulk cocoa processing factory to make cocoa a viable commodity. By improving the quality and introducing them to Fine Chocolate makers in the UK this could be reversed. There is plenty of diversity in Indonesian cocoa and the country is huge but there is much to learn and improve.

For more discussion on The Future of Chocolate listen to this Radio 4 Food programme

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25 Beautiful Homes – January 2018

By hampshirehouse February 14, 2018 exhibitions

The Original hand carved gilded wooden POSH Graffiti gold letters by Emily Readett-Bayley  fit in perfectly in this interior with the natural fleeces sold by our stockist and friends at Wildash London  and #POSHGraffiti and #WildashLondon tags; natural wool, woodcarving, lettering, graffiti, sustainable, ethical, artisanal, ethical interiors, ethical gifts, handmade

25 Beautiful Homes

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Let’s Talk feature, December 2017

By hampshirehouse December 5, 2017 blog

weaving together past and future in a basket

Emily Readett-Bayley who lives in Norfolk when she is not in Indonesia set up “Operation Planet Basket “ in 2012 and this is a nice feature about the project in the local Let’s Talk magazine.

*Please note that the Katingan Project rain forest concession is 350, 000 acres not hectares


Let’s Talk writer Charlotte Philcox discusses the long tradition of basketry in Norfolk and around the globe.

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Coast Magazine

By hampshirehouse August 1, 2017 blog

Rattan Baskets from Operation Planet Basket outside house

Emily’s Look Out was featured in Coast Magazine September 2017

coast magazine coverWhen you lake in the panoramic view from Emily Readett-Bayley’s home – which stretches far our across the North Sea, and along the North Norfolk coast, encompassing Cromer’s iconic pier – its easy to see why it was deemed The perfect place to station a lookout post during the Second World War. ‘I think it’s probably one of the best views along the east coast of England.’ says campaigning designer Emily who Is lucky enough to live on this cliff-top site.

Download a pdf copy of the article here

coast magazine posh graffiti

POSH Graffiti in the boy’s room

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Ultimate bogs: how saving peatlands could help save the planet

By hampshirehouse July 28, 2017 blog

the guardian: Ultimate bogs: how saving peatlands could help save the planetThey are one of the harshest environments on the planet and also one of the most important in terms of carbon storage. New research hopes to reveal the role these threatened bogs could play in the climate change story

The good news

The good news is that if we block drainage canals, peatlands can be partly restored by preventing water levels from declining further. Planting native plants in degraded areas can also help by retaining water. Further damage can be mitigated by such measures, but whether damaged peatlands will ever recover their lost carbon and ecological potential, Kolka says no one knows, and if they can, timescales could be in the thousands of years.

One potential way to secure the world’s vulnerable peatlands is through the global carbon market. Indonesian entrepreneur Dharsono Hartono spent nine years working to secure a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) for his Katingan Projectin Borneo. Today it’s the largest land use VCS project on the planet, covering 157,875 hectares (390,000 acres) of peatland containing a gigatonne of carbon, according to Hartono, and is a vital community project promoting less carbon-intensive agriculture. Carbon storage varies by peatland but generally is 30–70kg of carbon per cubic meter (35 cubic feet).

“This is a long-term business, you just have to be persistent,” Hartono says, adding that now that his “product” is ready he’s on the look out for buyers.

Hartono started the project with a focus on climate change, but he says it has since transformed: “It’s become a story of the people,” he says, who are the “heart and soul” of the project.

Thirty-four villages surround Hartono’s concession in a buffer area that is partly peatlands as well. In order to protect the main site from fires, the project also has to change neighboring farms. Hartono and his team have spent the past few years helping communities shift from slash-and-burn farming to what he calls “climate-smart agriculture.”

“You have to find a solution, you can’t just tell people not to burn,” he says.


Katingan Project ref as “Good News Story” re deforestation by Francis Seymour at WEForum, Davos 2017

By hampshirehouse February 13, 2017 blog

Deforestation: Approx 7 minutes in Frances Seymour refers to the The Katingan Project as a positive forest protection model in her presentation at DAVOS  Feb 2017.

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MY WAREHOUSE HOME September 2016

By hampshirehouse October 8, 2016 blog

[one_third]my warehouse feature september 2016[/one_third][two_third_last]
POSH Graffiti free standing wooden letters feature in the MY WAREHOUSE HOME blog in September 2016

These freestanding wooden letters and numbers are timeless in both appeal and aesthetic

Hand carved from sustainable timbers, these freestanding wooden letters and numbers are timeless in both appeal and aesthetic. Add texture to walls, doors and tabletops with this sustainable option from Posh Graffiti.
Freestanding natural wooden letters, £5.75 each, Posh Graffiti[/two_third_last]

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