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It’s Twosday and we have lots of numbers too !

By hampshirehouse February 22, 2022 blog

February 22nd 2022 a.k.a Twosday is a good time to promote our POSH Graffiti wall numbers. Like our POSH Graffiti letters, each number is hand carved from sustainable wood and hand finished with paint or gilded metal leaf. The wood is sourced from trees grown around the rice fields by the Balinese rice farming community with whom we work. The Heritage wood carving and gilding skills linked to their Hindu traditions and temple building have been passed down from generation to generation and transformed to serve purpose in today’s society. The craft industry provides an important secondary industry for this marginalised rural community enabling the farmers to practice regenerative farming.

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Stop Press ! House Beautiful Magazine February 2022

By hampshirehouse January 27, 2022 blog

Really good to see our best selling POSH Graffiti Gold Letters in the press again. Many thanks to Hester Page and The House Beautiful editorial team who have suggested POSH Graffiti gold letters combined with elegant antiques and soft paint colours to lift and transform a gloomy Period property. The way the light catches the gold metallic leaf on the surface of the letters really can do this.

The traditional Old English gold lettering is our original alphabet designed for use on walls and signage. It is created by Emily Readett-Bayley and a community of rice farmers who are also skilled woodcarvers and we have been working with them for over 30 years. The letters are bevelled by hand with with knives and sanded smooth before they are painted and gilded. The sustainable wood used comes from fast growing Albesia trees which the farmers grow around their rice fields.

The Old English font is based on the Caslon Old Face Font which is the font used on the old English printing press. Emily and the woodcarvers have modified the font to work when individual letters of the alphabet are used as stand alone pieces and because each letters is hand carved, every POSH Graffiti letter is an original work of art. 

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By hampshirehouse January 12, 2022 blog

The POSH Graffiti says EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED ! This is something we definitely need to bear in mind as we head into the new year.

Our ethically made, hand carved wooden wall letters work well on your walls when sizes are mixed up. We hold a good stock of letters, numbers and symbols in 3 sizes. The white letters are made from wood finished with antique plaster gesso and painted white. The white letters come in 3 sizes. The small letters are the most difficult to carve and measure just 6 cm high, the next sized letters are 12 cm high and our original letters are 23cm high. Jiggle them around a bit like graffiti artists and take note of the unusual metallic blue letters spelling CONNECTED. These letters are new and so currently we only make the original 23cm size. They are hand carved from sustainable wood and hand gilded with a blue metal leaf. We’ve used our 12cm hand carved goldwooden numbersfor 2022 and written H N Y in our 12cm gold wooden letters. We also do gold numbers and gold letters in the original 23cm size. The wall stars and wall hearts are 12cm in diameter. We’ve used gold open starswhite open stars and a blue openheart. We have a selection of different wall symbols and punctuation which work well when mixed with letters and help create a unique POSH Graffiti wall.

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Countdown To Christmas

By hampshirehouse December 17, 2021 blog


from Emily and team and all the craftspeople in Bali, Borneo & Sumatra with whom we collaborate.

We really appreciate your custom and there is still time to order on our new website for a domestic Christmas delivery.

We have a good stock of POSH Graffiti and a few decorations and baskets left too.


Spirit of Christmas Fair

By hampshirehouse October 31, 2021 blog

Emily has been invited to create a POSH Graffiti room set at the Spirit of Christmas Fair next week.

Spirit of Christmas Fair

The exhibition opens on Monday November 1st and runs for a week in The Grand Hall at London Olympia

Come and see it and you may see Emily too who will be on set for part of the time.

It will feature rattan baskets from the Katingan Mentaya Project,  driftwood style mirrors made from vine roots, salvaged fruit wood furniture, a coffee tree decorated with hand-carved wooden Christmas Decorations and of course plenty of POSH Graffiti lettering and sound bites !

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The Belvoir Castle Flower and Garden Show 17th and 18th of July 2021

By Emily Readett Bayley July 14, 2021 blog

First non-virtual show in a while! Looking forward to seeing you all in real life at The Belvoir Castle Flower and Garden Show 17th and 18th of July 2021 Plenty of POSH Graffiti signage and some vintage Emily Readett Bayley garden tables, baskets and decorations POSH Graffiti…/12cm-white-wooden-letters/…/b790n12cm……/rat100xl…/stw300…
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POSH Graffiti Christmas 2020

By hampshirehouse November 19, 2020 blog

We’ve been busy since we moved to Cranmer House, our beautiful “Lockdown” home in the Vale of Belvoir.

We took back control of in April and Emily’s husband was hailed a Covid 19 hero in Bali. He navigated his way through village checkpoints and disinfectant motorbike showers to place essential top up letter orders with the woodcarving community with whom we work. 
The catastrophic collapse of the island’s tourist industry meant many people moved from the coast back to their villages looking for work. We had to expedite vital letters of the alphabet by air from Indonesia via India over the summer but fortunately our Christmas orders made it to the port in Surabaya and fingers crossed the ship will dock at Southampton.

So we hope this newsletter is just in time for some Christmas shopping and festive decorating.

Here are some ideas.

Deck the Hall

HO HO HO! Gold letters for Christmas

We’ve mixed our gold and silver gilded wooden letters which come in 3 sizes and used a 23cm exclamation mark to finish off

Tag your Space

Ethical letters for your office wall

We are constantly adding to our typography. Use 23cm gilded currency symbols in your home office, they are great shapes. Our smallest black wooden letters are useful for writing longer messages and keep prices down when you create a longer phrase. The WINNER is in gold 12cm letters, this size works in most spaces. The bamboo pencil pot is Vintage Emily Readett-Bayley, perfect for a home office desk.

Tag your Wall

House name letters

12cm gilded wooden letters can be used outside for house signs but it is advisable to coat them with an exterior varnish to improve shelf life. Think painting up your wooden windows. We have happy customers replacing signs after 10 years.

Mark the Name

red letters

Monograms and initials always make good presents. Our 23cm gilded red letters make an nice alternative to gold and silver typography

Trim the Tree

Ethical Christmas decorations

Check out Emily’s original hand carved Christmas decorations . This skillfully carved wooden wren is coated in a layer of antique white plaster.

Spin the Vinyl

let music be the food of love letters

These 6cm White wooden letters stand out on a dark background . Use small 6cm letters for quotes, mantras, slogans and soundbites.

Shake your Booty

Musical symbols are particularly intricate to carve. Our wood carvers are absolute masters. This 23cm white treble clef is nice and subtle on a mantle piece. They carved the dancing frogs too! 

Feel the Love

LOVE letters and mother of pearl spoons

These joined up letters spelling LOVE are carved from one piece of wood and only the best of the artisans we work with can carve them.  They are difficult to make so we are unlikely to continue with these words.  Consider them limited editions. The Mother of Pearl spoons are also hand cut; from pearl shells farmed off the North Coast of Bali and if you look carefully, spot the small white open heart from our ERB decorations range.

Keep the Faith

HOPE white letters

 23cm wooden letters finished in antique white plaster can be painted with any water based paint but the simplicity of white is perfect for the season.

Giant Log Baskets

By hampshirehouse October 12, 2020 blog

Winter is coming so make sure you don’t run out of logs.

Buy one of our giant log baskets and keep the fires in your home burning and help stop the fires in the Indonesian rainforest starting! Or you could fill it with blankets, boots, bottles or balls.

Plus there is a ‘Lock-down’ discount as these the last few baskets left this year.

Call us for delivery options or pick one up from our Christmas Pop Up at Cranmer House, Nottinghamshire or from one of our stockists.

Contact us directly on +44 7802 732753 or click here to see stockists.

The Writing’s on the Wall

By hampshirehouse April 29, 2020 blog

Get creative, show your appreciation and gratitude and send out some positive messages. In in doing so you are not only showing your support locally but you are also supporting the craftspeople in Indonesia, who make our POSH Graffiti letters. They desperately need work as Indonesia is one of the countries where millions of people are suffering an extremely acute economic crisis caused by the Global Covid-19 pandemic.
Order POSH Graffiti typography online here.

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