It’s Burns Night so why not write a sonnet

By hampshirehouse January 24, 2017 blog

POSH Graffiti
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It’s Burns Night so why not write a sonnet,Antique white wooden letters

Antique white wooden letters, height 6cm..

and think of love,

Heart Sale! Word Sale!

and the promise of kisses.

kiss: Funky Handmade Glass Mosaic Letters by Emily Readett-Bayley
Handmade glass mosaic letters, height 10cm..

Or write it on the wall

POSH Graffiti typography
POSH Graffiti typography

and show you mean it from the
bottom of your heart.,

Wooden open heart on a ribbon
Wooden open heart on a ribbon, height 30cm. Wooden turtle doves on a ribbon, height 15cm. Wooden heart on a ribbon, antique white.

And let’s not forget it’s Chinese New Year on Saturday, so say goodbye to the Monkey

3 monkeys
Monkey sale!

and hello to the Fire Chicken!

Hand painted Chinese New Year Cock decoration.

from POSH

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