POSH Graffiti: we do more than just lettering

By hampshirehouse December 30, 2016 blog

POSH Graffiti
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New Year Sale and we do more than just
lettering, we do numbers, 

Wooden numbers finished in white plaster,
height 12cm and 23cm.


Wooden @ sign gilded with silver metal leaf, height 23cm..


Hand carved and gilded gold symbols, height 23cm.
Hand carved and gilded silver symbols, height 23cm..


Hand carved and gilded word THANKS, height 5cm,
was £13.50 now £9.45


Large wooden heart gilded with red metallic leaf,
was £25 now £12.50

Painted word LOVE, height 5cm, was £12.50 now £8.75

and even hearts and numbers on sticks!

Floral heart on a stick, was £8.75 now £6.12
12cm numbers on sticks, were £13.75 now £6.87

from POSH Graffiti.com

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