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katingan project with emily readett bayley

Green Firm Sees Forest Communities as Equal Partners

A green entrepreneur and his forest conservation company are leading the way with a business model that is not just green and sustainable but has the backing and involvement of the community. Dharsono Hartono, president director of Rimba Makmur Utama, has invested in a restoration project consisting of 217,000 hectares of forest in Katingan.


katingan project with emily readett bayley

New REDD+chief faces game-changing challenges

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono signed the brand new agency into being on Aug. 31 2013. RMA is tasked with implementing the REDD+ national strategy. Human activities that yield unmanaged carbon emissions are a main contributor to global warming that in turn causes climate change.


katingan project with emily readett bayley

Fighting deforestation-and corruption-in Indonesia

The challenge of trying to save Indonesia’s forests – The basic premise of the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) program seems simple: rich nations pay tropical countries for preserving their forests. Yet the program has made relatively limited progress on the ground since 2007.


katingan project with emily readett bayley

Making forests pay in a warming world

Deep in the flooded jungles of southern Borneo, muddy peat oozes underfoot like jello, threatening to consume anyone who tries to walk even a few yards into the thick, steaming forest. Hard to imagine this brown, gooey stuff could become a new global currency worth billions a year, much less an important tool in the fight against climate change.


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