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By hampshirehouse March 15, 2017 blog

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We are beginning to think about Easter so
thought we would share some ideas.

easter letter ideas
Gilded old English letters, height 23cm.
Floral old English letters, height 23cm.
POSH Graffiti wooden decorations..‚Äč

So much skill is needed to paint these beautiful, floral, wooden eggs

Hand painted, floral, wooden egg decorations…

And our wooden decorations are all hand carved in small village cooperatives in Bali

easter bunnies etc

White wooden cross, height 12cm.
White wooden Dove of Peace, Hare and Rabbit.

These fun floral chick egg cups are
on special offer!

Hand painted, floral, wooden hen egg cup.
Hand painted, floral, wooden hen egg cup.

Our teeny-weeny letters are only a little bigger than quail eggs – remember small is beautiful.

teeny weeny
Antique white letters, height 6cm.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day! Sending love…

heart on a stick
Old English silver wooden letters, height 12cm.

to all the mummies, mothers and mamas xxx

mama mummy
White, wooden word ‘MAMA’ in a box, height 5cm.
Floral, wooden word ‘MUMMY’ in a box, height 5cm.

from POSH Graffiti.com

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